Common Mistakes to Avoid During Boat and RV Storage

Owning a boat or RV provides endless opportunities for adventure and making lasting memories. However, storing these large recreational vehicles between trips requires some special care and consideration. Improper storage can lead to damage, mold, and other maintenance issues that quickly add up in repair costs. Let’s explore the most common mistakes tenants make when storing their boats and RVs. From inadequate weather protection to improper tire inflation, we will outline the best practices for cleaning, covering, and monitoring your stored vehicle, so you can save yourself the hassle and expense down the road. With some simple preventative measures and a trusted storage facility like Elite RV & Boat Storage, you can worry less about logistics and focus more on planning your future trips.

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Boat and RV Storage Tips: Avoid These Top Storage Mistakes

Failing to Properly Clean and Inspect

One of the most common mistakes owners make is not adequately cleaning their boat or RV before storing them. Salt, dirt, and other residues can corrode the vehicle’s exterior, leading to significant long-term damage. And the interior is equally as important to keep clean. Leftover food can attract pests, while excess moisture can cause mold and mildew. Before you store your boat or RV, ensure that it’s thoroughly washed and wiped down—both inside and out. Conduct a full inspection for any signs of wear and tear and address them promptly.

Ignoring the Tires

Often, the tires are the most neglected part of an RV during storage. Since the RV is stationary for an extended period, the tires bear the entire weight and can become deflated or warped. Make sure to check the tire pressure and consider using jacks to take some weight off the tires. For boats, if they are on a trailer, pay the same attention to the tires.

Skipping Proper Cover and Ventilation

Many people make the mistake of using tarps or other ineffective covers for their boats and RVs. While it may seem like a quick fix, these covers can trap moisture and contribute to the development of mold and rust. We recommend investing in a quality cover designed for your specific type of boat or RV. Additionally, ensure that the storage area is well-ventilated to prevent that moisture buildup.

No Routine Checks

Out of sight, out of mind? That’s a risky attitude when it comes to boat and RV storage. Even if your boat or RV is stored in a secure facility, periodic checks are essential for spotting potential issues like leaks, tire problems, or signs of pests. Make it a habit to visit your stored boat or RV and conduct routine checks to ensure everything remains in good condition.

Not Considering Security Features

When selecting a storage facility, don’t just go for the cheapest option without considering security. A reputable storage facility should have features like 24/7 surveillance, coded access, and well-lit areas. You want your investment to be as secure as possible when you’re not using it.

Prepare for Storage with Elite RV & Boat Storage in Fort Myers

Storing your boat and RV requires more than just parking them in a vacant spot. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can prolong the lifespan of your vehicles and enjoy many more trips to come! Look to Elite RV & Boat Storage in Fort Myers, FL, for all your vehicle storage needs nearby. With covered parking spaces that can hold even your largest toys, we provide a number of secure options to choose from. Look through our available boat and RV storage spaces online!

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